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Alfano 6 – BOX12 Expansion Module

Original price was: $525.00.Current price is: $500.00.

Top of the range on-board data acquisition

The BOX12 expansion module allows for highly comprehensive data acquisition when used with the Alfano 6 range of lap timers. The huge range of sensor inputs  allows you to monitor every aspect of your kart and engine for monitoring and to make improvements.

  • Integral 3 axis G-force sensor allows logging of braking, acceleration and cornering forces
  • Huge range of sensor inputs allows monitoring of engine parameters, speed, steering and pedal movement.
  • Suitable for use with Alfano 6 and lap timers

BOX12 Inputs / Outputs
Inputs: 4 x speed, 4 x temperature, 1 x lambda, 2 x pedal, 1 x steering, 1 x valve, 1 x power supply.
Outputs: 1 x 5v