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ALFANO KRONOS v2 - Multi Timer Stop Watch




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The Alfano Kronos V2 stopwatch has 8 different timing modes.

Featuring 1-4 individual chronometers entirely independent from one another. Allowing memory of up to 99 laps of 9’59″99 for each one with a maximum of 9 split times per chronometer.

This stopwatch provides effortless timing of up to 4 competitors without even looking at the chronometer

The Alfano Kronos v2 display is very clear and equipped with exceptional contrast. 

This stop watch is suitable for all types and all levels of sport. You’ll never miss a lap again!


  • 4 individual chronometers 
  • Timing to the hundredth of a second 
  • Memory: 99 laps / up to 9 split times by lap for each chronometer 
  • Total times recall 
  • Best laps recall 
  • 8 different timing modes
  • Water proof
  • Shock proof
  • Dimensions: 120mm x 70mm

Colour – Black only available