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Alfano Tyre Control 2 Pressure Gauge inc Temp Sensor Probe


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New for 2019, the Alfano Tyrecontrol 2 is based on the popular original Alfano Tyrecontrol, and now features an updated design and Bluetooth connectivity to make it even easier to sync data to the Alfano app on your iOS or Android device.


Supplied in a sturdy carry case, the Alfano Tyrecontrol 2 includes three tyre connectors – standard, rapid, rapid long – to easily accommodate all styles and widths of kart wheels.


The Alfano Tyrecontrol 2 records the date and time, along with track, tyre, vehicle and driver details.


The pressure gauge automatically calibrates itself and records pressures of all four tyres, while the temperature sensor can record three temperatures across each tyre surface, as well as the track and ambient temperature. All readings can be taken and recorded before and after each session, and up to 495 data sets can be stored.