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LAMBDA EXHAUST GAS SENSOR (K type sensor for tuning lights) – previous model


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LAMBDA Sensor – enables tuning lights mode.

The optimal value of carbaration is obtained between .85 to .90 (higher power). A value in the range of 1.10 is a mixture too lean.

This sensor will help you tune your engine to produce the ideal power throughout the race.

This sensor must be used with an extension cable of type “K”.


The temperature sensor (LAMBDA) must be positioned in the output of the engine exhaust gas,
at an approximate distance: 100-150mm (3.93/5.9inch)
1) Drill a hole with a diameter of 18mm (0.70inch).
2) Solder the nut provided
3) Fix the sensor with a 22mm spanner (do not tighten too hard)

WARNING: During installation, take care to remove the wire of this sensor from the other cables,
mainly of the type: RPM, high tension ignition system, in order to avoid mutual interference.